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Dietician services Brisbane

Dietitians use food and nutrition to optimise your wellbeing. We provide services in your home or at two locations across Brisbane, under a variety of funding types, including My Aged Care, Home Care Packages and the NDIS.
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WMQ dietitian in the kitchen talking to a resident in one of our retirement communities in Brisbane

Using food and nutrition to optimise your wellbeing

Dieticians are registered allied health professionals who are trained to understand the complex relationship between diet and health. Many medical conditions have a direct impact on what we can eat and how we get nutrition. Similarly, the right diet can go a long way to minimising the impact of various health conditions such as diabetes and osteoporosis. 

Our dieticians provide tailored advice, education, dietary plans and support to help you reach your goals. Almost anyone can benefit from seeing a dietitian, but particularly those who:

  • Struggle to maintain a healthy weight
  • Have difficulties with bowel function
  • Are recovering from illness or surgery, when nutritional needs can be higher 
  • Are experiencing gut issues such as diverticulitis or food sensitivities 
  • Have problems with cholesterol 
  • Have diabetes
  • Are at risk of falls. 

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Fulton Wellbeing Centre at Sinnamon Park: Ph: 3737 7230

Wheller Gardens Wellbeing Centre at Chermside: Ph: 3621 4374

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Personal trainer with a retiree at the gym in one of our residential aged care communities in Brisbane