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Frequently Asked Questions about My Wesley Connect

My Wesley Connect was rolled out to selected Wesley Mission Queensland communities from April 2019, in partnership with residents and families who have the opportunity to provide valuable input and feedback.

Currently, the app is available in the following WMQ communities:

A mobile phone or tablet device is required to use My Wesley Connect. Some communities may have shared devices available for this purpose.

Local staff will assist and encourage residents where appropriate to enjoy the benefits of using the app and this may include information sessions and basic device overviews.

WMQ promotes the use of digital technologies that can help to combat social isolation and create a stronger sense of community for older Australians and as such is a part of the  Be connected network (link opens in new window), a national network of community organisations helping older Australians thrive in a digital world.

There are many great resources available on the Be connected network website which may be of assistance to those wanting to learn more.

A resident does not need to be actively using or engaging with the app for their family members to enjoy being connected to the community.

All users will need to register an email address with your local community to enable you to log into the app. The email address is required to secure your account so that you are able to change your password.

For residents who would like to have family members linked within the app but who do not wish, or may not be able to, log into the app themselves, an email address is not required.

Only users who have been through the local screening process will be a part of the online community.  All events, community news stories and photos are viewable to all members of this community.

A residents’ name and profile image will be viewable to other residents and local staff. Email addresses and birthdates are not shared with other users of the app.
All photographs uploaded to the app are only viewable by members of the community and are only shared beyond the community with consent.

Specific images may be able to be removed upon request however it is not possible to completely remove all images of a person who has previously agreed to share their image.

Wesley Mission Queensland staff undergo training in privacy and content guidelines and will always ensure the dignity and integrity of residents.

Most residents enjoy seeing their photo in newsletters and other communication about the community and will usually complete a “talent release form” which provides permission for Wesley Mission Queensland to use their image in various communication where appropriate.

If a resident does not want their image used, they would not fill in one of these forms and our staff are notified to ensure their wishes are adhered to.

Visitors to the community would generally not have their photo taken unless they have provided their consent to do so. Verbal consent will be requested if a photo containing a visitor is to be published in the app.

The local community will have a staff member available to help you and may also provide general information sessions. We look forward to providing overview video guidance soon.

The terms of use for My Wesley Connect are required to ensure we comply with the software and licensing agreement that WMQ holds with the developers of the technology, as well as other applicable laws and standards.

The terms apply to all users, including Wesley Mission Queensland staff and provide you with a license to use the application with standard restrictions and requirements such as: being responsible for the content you create and for your own conduct; keeping your access secure with a password; not using the app for illegal or immoral activity; not providing access where it should not be granted and not interfering with the way the technology operates.

The terms indicate an agreement by the user to indemnify Wesley Mission Queensland in the unlikely case of any damage caused by using the app and an acceptance of the Wesley Mission Queensland privacy Policy.

The purpose of My Wesley Connect is to celebrate and promote the social and lifestyle aspects of residents and community members. There is no current functionality to send compliments or complaints about the service you receive at your community within the app however there are numerous other ways you can provide this, please contact 1800 448 448 for options.

It very important to us that we have regular feedback from users so that we can continue to improve the My Wesley Connect experience and meet our customer’s needs.

You can provide your feedback from directly within the app by going to “More > Feedback”, you will likely also be provided with opportunities to answer surveys and/or participate in user groups. If you are particularly interested in providing feedback and ideas for improvement please talk to your local community staff who will give your details to our project team. 

To enhance the lifestyle experience of our residents:

  • For residents with the capacity and desire to use the app, digital technologies can help to combat social isolation and create a stronger sense of community within aged care communities.

To improve communication with families:

  • Increasing transparency by keeping family members and friends up to date with what their loved one is doing each day
  • Links to important information and resources from the convenience of the family members mobile phone (or tablet device).

To keep evolving in a technology driven world:

  • Using new technology to deliver our services better
  • Continue to ensure privacy and protection of personal information
  • Always promoting choice, providing off-line and traditional communication for users who opt out or do not have the capacity to use the technology.

Your local community will decide, in consultation with residents and families, when and if the news feed and activities calendar in the app will replace the printed newsletter.

We recognise that there are many people that may not have access to devices or who prefer to have printed copies of this material and we will work with these customers to ensure they continue to have choice around how they receive their information.

Your local community have trained staff who can help you with any access issues. In the unlikely event that the local team is unable to solve access issues there is an internal escalation process in place to ensure the problem is solved as quickly as possible.

Supporting you at every stage

Our team is here to guide you and your family through your choices, explain fees, and answer any questions you may have. Contact our friendly Residential Admissions Coordinators today.

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We know the path into residential aged care can be emotional and confusing, and our team is here to support you. Please call us on 1800 448 448 or complete this form.
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