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Wesley Kids in Schools

Wesley Kids in Schools is designed to improve mental health literacy and adaptive coping skills in children. The Wesley Kids in Schools program is in pilot phase at a number of schools in South East Queensland.

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How do we support students?

Wesley Kids in Schools is a mental wellbeing psychoeducational program for primary school students in grades 3-6.

The program provides children the opportunity to name, question and talk openly about their feelings whilst practising different techniques to self-regulate, express emotion, and realise their strengths. Improving mental health literacy and strengthening the adaptive coping skills of children in primary school reduces the likelihood of developing severe mental health problems through adolescence and into adulthood.

What does the program include?

Wesley Kids in Schools is a comprehensive program that provides:
  • In-class psychoeducation sessions presented by mental health professionals
  • Videos, worksheets and lesson plans for follow up use by teachers
  • Staff psychoeducation sessions
  • Parent resources and workshops

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