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Commercial laundry

Located at Moorooka on Brisbane’s southside, Wesley Mission Queensland operates a professional personal laundry service. This service takes care of the personal laundry of our residents in our aged care communities. It also provides a high-quality, affordable clean, with the convenience of our free collection and delivery service for large orders. Call us on 1800 448 448 or contact us online.

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Let us take care of your personal laundry

How it works

  1.  We’ll come and pick up your items from you.
  2.  To help clearly identify your items, we’ll attach heat sealing labels on them at a cost of $1.00 per label.
  3.  Your personal clothing is washed, dried and then if required, hand ironed or steamed and/or folded or hung on a coat hanger.
  4.  Items are delivered back to you (total turn-around service for laundering is normally 24-48 hours.

Pricing list

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Cost effective solutions for a range of needs.

Whether you need printing and packaging supplies, a place to hold a work conference, or are looking to further your education, our services can help you. Call us on 1800 448 448 or contact us online.